Personal organizers

Bibliopegy is one of the most ancient arts. It appeared together with the first hand-written books. In ancient times it was a tradition for masters to bind folios in resistant pigskin or divinity calf, that protected the pages from damage. A high-quality leather bindings are the reason why a lot of ancient books have survived in an ideal state till the present time.

A leather binding had not only protective function. Adorned with golden and silver impressions, different patterns, arabesques, ornaments and even portraits it also played a decorative role. A book in such a binding was a real piece of art in the style of its epoch, and its value was the same as that of jewels.

Decorating and protecting books, albums and personal organizers with leather bindings, the masters of “Makey” Studio carefully preserve and carry on the century-old tradition of hand-made binding. Thanks to an exclusive removable cover, interlaced with a leather string for endurance, such personal organizer will serve you for a long time, keeping in complete safety the entrusted information.

In this part of our studio’s catalogue we offer you a wide choice of luxurious and reservedly elegant personal organizers and notebooks in hand-made leather covers. Here you can choose stylish business presents for the head of a company, a business partner or a colleague, or a pleasant gift for your friends and relatives.

Besides notebooks and personal organizers, you can find other leather business souvenirs:table and pocket business card holdersplanning -diaries.