Books and albums

A photo album is not just a place for old photos, it is a collection of the best moments of our lives and the lives of our dearest people.

Here you can see your mom in an old-fashioned polka-dot blouse: she is still young and careless, full of youthful ardour. There you can see you dad, strict, fit and neat, whose face imperceptibly resemble your mirror reflection. And here you are yourself with your little sister who did not want to smile in spite of the efforts of the best photographer in the town. Where are they now, these dear and deeply loved people? They remained in the past, where you can go back only by leafing an old album with faded photographs.

To our regret, film cameras and photo studios with skillful masters who knew how to hold a wonderful moment remained in the same past. Family visits to a profession photo studio have been replaced with shootings with widely available digital photo cameras, and hand-bound photo albums – with CDs and computer archives.

Nevertheless, all such events are not a reason to refuse a good old tradition to keep the family history in photo albums. The first years of life, the last school bell, university leaving ball, wedding, the appearance of the long-expected little ones: a picture on the monitor cannot substitute the magic of the wonderful moments, enclosed into a photo album.

A family photo album in a luxurious leather binding made by the masters of our studio is an exquisite and very useful present. It is not a banal present, chosen in a hurry, it is a generous gift, that will help to preserve the memory about important moments of your friends and relatives’ lives. Our photo albums combine the traditional form with the latest technological achievements thanks to a special section for CDs.

In this section of our catalogue we also suggest you to familiarize yourselves with different designs of books for distinguished guests and souvenir books in a handmade leather binding.