Caskets and bars

At least once in your life you must have asked yourself a question: what to give as a gift to a person who seems to have almost everything? Especially when the reason for it is an important event: jubilee of the company executive, retirement of the eldest employee of the company, your sister’s house-warming party or your best friend’s silver anniversary.

The first idea, that comes on one’s mind, is that the gift should be useful. A set of pottery or Bohemian glass table wear, a beautiful painting in a luxurious frame or some kind of modern kitchen device is the top of our imagination. The approach is trivial, but safe – most of people are used to such kind of presents. But what should you do if the hero or heroine of the occasion prefers impromptu?

In such a case stylish and original handmade souvenirs , that are meant to adorn our life and make it more comfortable, can help you. In this section of our catalogue you will easily find a gift that can make the day of the person who has got out of habit to get surprised long ago. We offer exclusive natural leather souvenirscaskets,chests or coffers for jewellery and memorable trinkets, tubes for documents or securities bars for the collection of favorite liquors .

At our site one can also find other, not less effective, handmade leather products stylish accessoriesoriginal decorative panelspersonal organizerssouvenir watchesphoto frames and magnets.